R-Sky and other kites a vendre

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R-Sky and other kites a vendre

Message par Freestyle le Dim 18 Aoû 2013 - 23:21

Excusez-moi, je dois continuer en anglais

It is easier if you use my regular hotmail address which is : johndfry

In addition to the kites below I also have a Red R-Sky Nexl U/L in Icone Red and an Organe R-Sky Next in Icone Yellow. I have not shown picture but you can email me and we can talk. I love these kites so...they are not cheap.

All prices are excluding shipping which is from USA (New Jersey)

The following kites are for sale

R-Sky Nirvana Std in Teal with Icone white lower spreaders. The kite has skyshark 'camo' lower leading edge and orange leaders, which are good to see the lines. Ex Randy G. It is a little older but there is no damage. It flies superbly. $175

Kites August-1274

R-Sky Nirvana Vented in Teal. All SkyShark and is newer than the standard. Excellent condition with no damage. 200 USD

Kites August-1279

Next Std Team. All Icone white. Excellent condition $225

Kites August-1285

Next Up all Icone White. In excellent condition except for one tiny hole repaired with CA glue and icarex. Unnoticeable as you can see 200 USD

Kites August-1260

Next U/L in SkyShark. Excellent condition with no damage at all. This is probably my favorite kite. It flies beautifully 200 USD

Kites August-1292

Manga - Bilboquet Limited Edition. all Icone. In excellent condition. Icone Red L/S so mid wind version. 175 USD

Kites August-0654

Benson DeepSpace Custom U/L - Superb only flown a few hours. 200 USD

Kites August-1297

Benson DeepSpace Std Custom - Also very near mint. Only flown a few times 200 USD

Kites August-1267

PBSK Warrior Old School Std/Light. Small stain on lower corner of sail... almost invisible 110 USD

Kites August-1302

PBSK Warrior SUL Mint 120 USD

Kites August-1309

Thank you very much

Inscription : 21/03/2013

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